Ideal industrial parks private limited, a company with a team of enthusiastic professionals, entrepreneurial friends and experts from various fields with retired government officers with a common connection of a vision. Where we are developing an INDUSTRIAL * RESIDENTIAL * COMMERCIAL park with the mission of fighting poverty & increasing the employment level and eradicating illiteracy in india and with high living standard under the various government policies.

We are providing a golden opportunity to become a legend by starting your own production house of various consumable products under the msme schemes by government of india.

We are developing INDUSTRIAL * RESIDENTIAL * COMMERCIAL parks the first at near bhopal, madhya pradesh and same in 100 other districts of india.

Our company is providing this opportunity with minimum pain, risk & investment along with complete purchase guarantee of products, profitability and security of your investment. .

We are aiming to propagate entrepreneurship by developing an INDUSTRIAL * RESIDENTIAL * COMMERCIAL estate on 30 acres of land, which consist of 100 nos micro units, each on 3500 sq ft land, owned by individuals/firms/societies.
Project is supported in technology & entrepreneurs training by “indo-european chamber of small & medium enterprises


  1. We are to create an integrated cluster of various consumables products with common facilities
  2. Sales & marketing facilities including developing a brand and ensuring sales of products under common brand umbrella
  3. Certifications like bis , iso , fssai, haccp , trade marks , registration ,  dgs &d and other rate contracts.
  4. The responsibility  of the entrepreneur will be concentrated on ensuring production only