Business Plan

Major Threats for organizing one’s own Business

  • Hurdles in Set-up
  • Lack of Training/knowledge for hassle-free Production
  • Unstable Market

IDEAL INDUSTRIAL PARKS PRIVATE LIMITED comes up with the following Guaranties to enlighten your way:

  • Total Set-up support (Starting from  Blank to Financing Assistance, Statutory Requirements, Civil Construction, Mechanical Erection, Packaging, Printing, Quality Testing )
  • Training of every owner / head by IECSME.
  • Purchase Guaranty  of all the Products by IDEAL INDUSTRIAL PARKS PRIVATE LIMITED (Branding & Sales)

Joint Platform
A joint platform of marketing will not only reduce the cost of marketing but it will also help in selling multiple items of consumer pattern being sold to the customers.

Brand Development
All the Products will be marketed by “IDEAL INDUSTRIAL PARKS PRIVATE LIMITED” (  under a common Brand -. Standardization from concerned government agencies, with assured quality / quantity packing and massive Advertising, will automatically lead to BRAND DEVELOPMENT.

Bulk Marketing                                     
Through the C&F Agents, Distributor’s Network, Wholesalers, Retailers, Multi Utility Stores, Exports & Direct Marketing.